Large Scale - 250 MW



A 250 MW wind farm requires only 17 Eolink floating wind turbines of 15 MW.

This machine will be available at the levelized cost of energy 50-70 €/MWh by 2026. One has to realise that it is the equivalent of non-renewable energy’s LCOE in 2020. It also corresponds to the average of bottom fixed offshore wind turbine LCOE, expected by 2028.

However, expected floating wind turbine LCOE in France, in calls for tenders, are 100 to 120 €/MWh for the same installation period.

Eolink is nowadays the only company able to compete with bottom fixed offshore wind turbine by 2026, thereby demonstrating the opportunity of floating wind turbine.

From a manufacturing point of view, the steel weight of a 250 MW wind farm is equivalent to the “Harmony Of the Sea” cruiser boat steel weight. This boat was built in only two years in the French STX shipyard. Nevertheless, floating wind turbine manufacturing will be faster because of no outfitting or costly finishes. One year could be sufficient to fully manufacture 250 MW.

The 15 MW wind turbine will use our generator developed internally eveloped internally, fitting a 260 meters large rotor. Longer blades is realistic, thanks to the large distance to the masts in the Eolink concept. The generator, situated 160 meters above sea, weighs 1 000 tons and rotates with a TSR 12.

The 250 MW Eolink wind farms will produce on average 1.2 TWh per year, enough to supply 240 000 households.